Webinar: Agility in an ever-changing market

Turbulent times call for different approaches to strategy and business processes. Agile strategy has become increasingly popular. This webinar will examine a practical approach to agile strategy as well as the methodology.

Join the Red Ochre team and understand the differences between traditional strategy, timelines and investment approaches compared to the agile approach. We will explore the pros and cons and look at examples of successful implementation, even under current circumstances.


  • In an age of uncertainty all businesses need to have a more agile approach to enterprise
  • Agile as a strategy and Agile as a process 
  • Implementation and investment of the Agile approach
  • What should be considered before committing to an Agile strategy

This is another episode in a series of online events that the Enterprise Hub will be offering over the coming months focusing on financial, business and people strategies in a time of crisis and beyond. 


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