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21 June 17

Enterprise Hub Showcase 2017

Every year the Enterprise Hub gives Members – the brightest engineering entrepreneurs —the chance to pitch their businesses to investors, experts and Academy Fellows. The aim of this Showcase is to help Members secure not just financial backing but business partners, supporters or advocates, reflecting a founding principle of the Hub: funding is just one part of business success. By creating a place in which start-ups can collaborate with business leaders and share ideas that lead to growth, the Hub provides a level of business support rarely matched elsewhere.

The first Member to pitch was Guillem Singla Buxarrais. His all-in-one home-based stroke rehabilitation programme aims to improve functionality of upper limbs, with a partner app to track and encourage progression through games. Target customers include hospitals, healthcare insurers and individuals, with an initial market of £849 million. Guillem was asking for investment to help move the technology closer to market.

Continuing the biotech theme, Bethan Wolfenden, CEO of Bento Bio, showcased for the first time the market-ready Bento Lab. A portable DNA analysis lab, it provides both novices and seasoned professionals with the chance to get involved in real bioscience research at home or on-the-go. Bento Bio is targeting the growing ‘maker movement’ and Bethan was pitching for leads and new contacts within this network.

Dr George Frodsham is applying biotech to one of the world’s most deadly diseases: malaria. He has developed MediSieve, which treats blood borne diseases through magnetic blood filtration, and was pitching for investment to support clinical trials. MediSieve uses a process much like dialysis, circulating a patient’s blood through an external loop where a magnet removes disease-causing targets. It is also possible to treat sepsis and leukaemia with the same technology, targeting markets worth £780 million and £1.85 billion respectively.

Applying engineering to an entirely different challenge is Michael Tougher, who has created Soundbops to help young children learn music. 98% of parents want their child to learn an instrument, yet traditional instruments are unengaging and hard to play for children of a young age. Soundbops utilises unique musical building blocks to help children learn the fundamentals in an easy, fun way. Michael was seeking leads into the £555 million UK toy market.

Ming Kong’s company, Tangi0, has developed a flexible, touch sensitive material that forms ergonomic and intuitive three-dimensional controls. The Showcase provided the perfect opportunity to introduce the technology to important influencers. Keyboards, tablets, car dashboards and gaming consoles all have the same limitation: multiple buttons that are uninspiring to use and expensive to produce. 83% of the costs of these interfaces are due to sensors that need to be embedded, giving Tangi0 a huge competitive advantage in markets worth billions of dollars.

Also pitching on the day were:

  • Alasdair Pettigrew, CEO of Boxarr, a software platform that solves systems complexity within companies
  • Henrik Hagemann, CEO of CustoMem, producer of novel bio-adsorbents that remove harmful pollutants from wastewater
  • Jack Hooper, COO of doppel, a wearable technology scientifically proven to reduce stress
  • James Roberts, CEO of mOm Incubators, developer of robust, collapsible, cost-effective incubators designed to tackle premature deaths
  • Professor Damien Coyle, CEO of NeuroCONCISE, creator of wearable neurotechnology that translates brainwaves into control signals for those with brain injuries
  • Dr Alexander Enoch, CEO of Robotical, designers of Marty the robot, who teaches children about programming and robotics
  • Mark Nicholson, CEO of Vivacity Labs, creators of intelligent cameras that uses AI to optimise road traffic. CTO Yang Lu is a Hub Member

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26 July 17

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