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Dr Sithamparanathan Sabesan

Name: Dr Sithamparanathan Sabesan
Organisation: PervasID / University of Cambridge
Technology: Battery-less RFID tracking system that can pinpoint items with near 100% accuracy over a much greater range than existing technology
Mentor: Professor Bill O'Riordan FREng and Dr Robert Sansom FREng

Sithamparanathan Sabesan is CEO of PervasID, a project based on technology spun-out from his research at the University of Cambridge. The battery-less radio frequency identification (RFID) system he has been developing will allow airlines, retailers and other businesses to track inexpensively the locations of merchandise and passenger luggage over a wider area with greater reliability than conventional systems. The PervasID system can successfully detect items with near 100% accuracy over areas of up to 400 square metres using a single RFID reader, this being much greater than the reliability achieved by current RFID systems. It can also scale up to accommodate much larger deployments, and has already been deployed in several field trials.

Dr Sabesan and the PervasID system previously won the Royal Academy of Engineering’s 2011 ERA Foundation Entrepreneurship Award and The UK EPSRC 2011 ICT Pioneers Connected World Award. The system has the potential to save businesses millions of pounds annually in allowing frequent fliers access to fully automated self-check-in, and for high-value goods retailers to benefit from secure self-service checkouts.

At the Enterprise Hub, Sabesan has benefitted from guidance in devising a suitable business model, working with investors and identifying appropriate market segments and sales channels.

Prior to the commencement of his Enterprise Fellowship, Dr Sabesan said:

“I believe that the Enterprise Hub will provide me with the tools I need for a successful future in entrepreneurship and engineering, and in giving my business a real edge over its competitors. My long term ambition is to become the CEO of a major high technology company, and I am confident that the programme will help me to lay the foundations to achieve this.”

Dr Sabesan was awarded the Academy’s 2016 Sir George Macfarlane Medal. This award is presented to the overall winner of the RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year award. It recognises the potential of engineers working in the UK who have demonstrated excellence in the early stage of their career.

In September 2016, PervasID announced an investment of £720K had been secured and a new product launch was also announced recently.

21 August 2017

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