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Henrik Hagemann

Name: Henrik Hagemann
Organisation: CustoMem
Technology: Customised membranes for the treatment of polluted water
Mentor: Professor Richard Brook OBE FREng and John K Banyard OBE FREng

300,000 hectares of land are contaminated with water pollution in the UK and it will cost Western Europe €350 billion to clean up sites with contaminated water. Existing water treatment procedures either require excessive energy or hazardous chemicals and cannot filter out some micro-pollutants, including arsenic and heavy metals.

Henrik Hagemann is developing a pioneering cellulose membrane that is engineered to selectively filter out specific pollutants that cannot currently be captured. It is 10x cheaper to produce than competing nanomembrane treatmentsand the production requires 1,000 times less energy.

CustoMem aims to sell membrane cartridges and reusable water treatment units to major manufacturers, such as textile and mining companies who are facing regulatory pressures, providing a cheap, sustainable way to eliminate contamination from their supply chains.

The firm has already partnered with a UK water treatment company to remove heavy metals from old mining sites in Wales and are at an advanced stage of talks with another major retailer. The technology has raised £128,000 in grant funding and a commercialisation manager from BP has already joined its advisory board. The firm has also won multiple awards at the world’s largest synthetic biology competition at MIT.

Henrik is one of the 2016 awardees of the inaugural RAEng 1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships.

21 August 2017

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