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Ming Kong

Name: Ming Kong
Organisation: Tangi0
Technology: Smart 3D sensing material to replace buttons and trackpads’
Mentor: Dr John Lazar CBE FREng

The many switches, joysticks, buttons and wheels that enable humans to interact with electronic products are often unwieldy, difficult to use and expensive to make, requiring thousands of complex sensors within each one.

Ming Kong has invented a new sensing method based in a soft, hyper-sensitive material that can sense a greater range of touch motions than traditional electronic product controls. It can be moulded out of one material into a 3D shape, rather than assembled in parts. The technology aims to make controls more intuitive; while touchscreens and buttons require you to move a virtual object in 3D space with 2D controls, Tangi0 enables users to physically perform the desired on-screen movement on a flexible, soft 3D object. The material can detect an incredibly diverse range of different hand movements, removing the need for multiple products to control different electronic functions, and improving control.

Tangi0 could ultimately replace conventional controls such as the trackpad, the car dashboard and even gaming handhelds with a sculptural, all-in-one 3D sensing material.

Ming Kong has previously won the James Dyson Fellowship award and is already in talks with major automotive and consumer electronics firms.

Ming is one of the 2016 awardees of the inaugural RAEng 1851 Royal Commission Enterprise Fellowships.  Tangi0 has recently raised £400K investment and grown the team as a result. Ming shares his experience and tips on talent acquisition in a blog post here.

21 August 2017

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