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Enterprise Fellowships for graduates

We are currently accepting applications for this scheme. The submission deadline is 17 October 2016.

Further information including guidance notes and how to apply can be found here.

The Graduate Enterprise Fellowships scheme encourages and promotes creativity and innovation amongst recent engineering graduates based in the UK. The Fellowships are awarded to individuals demonstrating an aptitude for innovation and creativity in engineering together with considerable entrepreneurial potential but who lack the relevant experience, skills and support structure offered by employment with a university or well-established company.

The Fellowship will focus on developing their skills, through training and implementation, encouraging the development of their innovation, and on passing on the skills they have learned by acting as role models to inspire the next generation of engineering entrepreneurs. The Hub provides the awardee with £25,000 cash prize and an additional £25,000 for continued development of the innovation by the awardee, making the total support £50,000 for the 12 month period. In addition, Enterprise Fellows are also invited to join the Academy’s Enterprise Hub where they receive ongoing support and business mentoring from the Academy’s Fellowship, which includes some of the UK’s most successful technology entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Additional support and networking activities will be provided by the 1851 Royal Commission, through participation in events and access to their extensive alumni network of comprising awardees of their varied grant schemes. The scheme is funded through the generous support of the 1851 Royal Commission as part of their wider programme of promoting excellence in science and innovation.

The scheme is supported by the 1851 Royal Commission and the ERA Foundation. More information on their awards and aims are available on their websites:

1851 Royal Commission

ERA Foundation


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Through the Enterprise Hub, the Royal Academy of Engineering offers a number of grants aimed at identifying and supporting the next generation of high potential entrepreneurs and prizes celebrating success in innovation and entrepreneurship.