CEO of Soundbops

Spotlight: Michael Tougher

We spoke to 2016 Launchpad Competition winner and CEO of Soundbops Michael Tougher about his mission to inspire children to learn music, and his experience with the Enterprise Hub.

Spotlight Series: interview with Michael Tougher, CEO of Soundbops >

CEO of Loowatt

Spotlight: Virginia Gardiner

We spoke to Virginia Gardiner, CEO of Loowatt, who tells us about how she came up with her toilet innovation, what it's like to work in a startup and more.

Spotlight Series: interview with Virginia Gardiner, CEO of Loowatt >

CEO of Puraffinity

Spotlight: Henrik Hagemann

We chat to Henrik Hagemann about his startup Puraffinity, and his experience on the Enterprise Fellowship programme.

Spotlight Series: Interview with Henrik Hagemann, CEO of Puraffinity >


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