Alan Mosca

Alan MoscaCo-Founder and CTO of nPlan Ltd

Large scale infrastructure upgrades are complex and can cost millions, if not billions, of pounds, so nPlan uses machine learning to forecast the duration and risks associated with construction projects by analysing what has, and hasn’t, worked in the past.

The company’s technology works by collating and studying the world’s largest dataset of previous construction schedules – to date nPlan has gathered together over 600,000 projects worth £800 billion. By examining patterns in historical performance, its machine learning algorithms can predict potential bottlenecks and uncertainty while providing possible solutions and efficiency gains.

Alan Mosca is nPlan’s Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer . Alan leads on R&D, engineering and product strategy. He joined the Scale Up Accelerator programme in 2021 and says: “I can see that there will be networking opportunities where I’ll be able to learn from others whose companies are at a more advanced stage to ours. In return, I can guide and support others whose companies are up and coming, and we can all share together relevant advice and business lessons.”

The company’s market potential has been recognised: significant seed funding in 2018 was followed a couple of years later by a £13 million investment from GV, the venture arm of Google’s owner, Alphabet. Now, nPlan is looking to create insurance and assurance products that will generate sustainable and growing revenue streams. It will also scale up its products, series, operations, technology, and team size, to help clients address construction risks and opportunities.

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