Alexander Macdonald

Alexander MacdonaldThe Problem:

Mirrors matter. Every road user has mirrors, they are so important it would be illegal to travel without them. This begs the question – why are there no good options for cyclists?

The Solution:

HindSight’s glasses solve the problem of providing cyclists with rear vision. Its patented angled lens technology provides users with unparalleled situational awareness by adding mirrors into their peripheral vision, integrated into a pair of sunglasses. These facilitate a fuller understanding of the user’s surroundings, with a simple piece of technology that can be slipped on and off.

In the UK cycling sector alone, HindSight has a potential market of seven million customers, with another 145 million in the EU and US. HindSight aims to make cycling safer and ease people’s most common cycling fear – how safe they feel on the road.

Beyond cycling, there are a multitude of issues that rear vision can assist with are. The product was developed to help cyclists make smarter decisions but since then, new markets have been identified in other sporting and personal protective equipment applications, as well as defence and security sectors.

Over the coming 12 to 18 months, CEO Alex aims to continue to grow and scale HindSight organically through international expansion, strategic corporate partnerships, and the development of new products and technologies. The next key milestones will be the launch of its new and improved V2 consumer technology, solidifying key partnerships with industry leaders and quantifying HindSight’s efficacy in new applications.


  • HindSight was co-founded by Olympic Gold Medal cyclist Callum Skinner, backed by multi-World Record holder Mark Beaumont
  • HindSight and Alex have received multiple innovation awards, including a Royal Academy of Engineering 1851 Enterprise Fellowship, Scottish Edge (the UK’s largest innovation prize) and Scottish Enterprise’s Unlocking Ambition programme.


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