Benjamin Crowther

Benjamin CrowtherEfficient and sustainable processes for irrigation and control are transforming food production in urban environments. LettUs Grow have developed a patent-pending aeroponic technology that delivers higher yields in vertical farming. When combined with the company’s integrated farm management software, farmers have a hassle-free way of optimising crop conditions.

LettUs Grow’s aeroponic farming technology can be used in vertical farms to grow plants without soil, by watering their roots with a fine mist. This results in greater crop yields, while using less water and not compromising quality or taste. As the Engineering Lead, Co-Founder Ben Crowther drives the development of its technology, which will continue at LettUs Grow’s R&D facility  being built in Bristol in 2018.

Ben will use support from the SME Leaders programme to guide the team at LettUs Grow in creating a strong foundation for growth. This involves drawing on the Academy’s network for advice on overcoming common issues for scale-ups, so that LettUs grow can make an impact on the global market for future farming technologies that is forecasted to grow 27% annually in the coming years.


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