Carlton Cummins

Carlton CumminsCo-Founder and CTO, Aceleron Ltd

Most batteries, whatever their size, are bought, used and then thrown away. Yet, when large-scale batteries that could power vehicles or homes are decommissioned, they still have 70% of their energy remaining. In spite of this, only 5% are recycled.

Electric vehicle batteries have components that are welded or glued together, making it extremely difficult to take the individual units apart for re-use. Birmingham-based Aceleron Ltd is challenging this unsustainable practice. The company manufactures advanced circular economy lithium-ion batteries that can be serviced, maintained and upgraded.

Aceleron’s batteries are put together using patented compression technology that places individual fuel cells into a circuit using a series of removable fasteners. The battery can then be taken apart so that parts can be replaced, or individual fuel cells fixed. The battery can then be serviced and replaced throughout its lifespan. 

Carlton Cummins is a Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer at Aceleron. Carlton leads on technology strategy, product development and provides technical support. He joined the Scale Up Accelerator programme in 2021 and says: “I am looking forward to the mentorship, training courses and networking opportunities. It will enable me to develop effective communications skills for those non-technical parts of our business, as well as benefit from other people’s project management experiences.”

In 2020, Aceleron took over £1 million in revenue, raised £2 million in venture capital funding and increased its staff numbers to 30. Now, the company is looking to take on a strategic industry partner via a contract or licensee deal. Over the coming years, Aceleron will position itself as a market leader in sustainable battery manufacturing.

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