Dr Amrit Chandan

CEO and Co-founder, Aceleron

Amrit Chandan 2Lithium batteries are often discarded with up to 80% of life left. The way they are manufactured limits their capacity for being repurposed. Aceleron aims to change this by delivering services and manufacturing a range of lithium batteries that are easier to repair and recycle using non-permanent assembly methods.

Aceleron’s patented technology makes energy storage more likely by promoting re-use and re-manufacture rather than disposal, leading to reduced lifetime costs. Its circular economy solutions are designed for ease of use at home and in commercial systems. They can also be used for solar energy storage.

Batteries made by Aceleron are lightweight yet robust enough to endure harsh environments, providing an accessible source of energy wherever needed. Current products include residential energy systems for use in places such as the Caribbean that enable efficient energy storage with improved resilience to natural disasters.

Dr Amrit Chandan, CEO, oversees the company’s vision and mission He is responsible for developing strategic partnerships with investors and organisations such as the Shell Foundation. With support from the SME Leaders Programme, Dr Chandan aims to build capacity to scale an international team with commercial and technical expertise, while maintaining a company culture that has a focus on strong results and progress.

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