Dr Ben Kingsbury

Ben is a research associate at Imperial College London and a founder of MicroTech Ceramic Ltd. The company is producing new catalytic convertor technology to reduce exhaust emissions in vehicles.

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Catalytic convertors are used in engines to convert the pollutants in exhaust gas into less toxic pollutants. This is done by using ceramic substrates to connect exhaust gas with the catalyst. 

Innovations and advances in this field had plateaued in the last decade, but MicroTech’s system has changed that. 

Ben has developed an advanced structure of the substrate that provides a larger surface area for the contact and thereby make it more efficient. 

This drastically reduces the quantity of precious metal required in the catalyst and the production cost of the catalytic converter overall. 

The new structure also delivers a two to three percent fuel saving and offers high performance cars an equivalent increase in engine power.

Microtech's system means the size of catalytic convertors can be reduced by around 50%. As this offers engine and exhaust system designers greater freedom, it  is a benefit that has already garnered significant interest from the automotive industry.

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Dr Ben Kingsbury



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