Dr Cristina Blanco Andujar

MediSieve helps doctors to rapidly target and remove infected cells from a patient’s bloodstream using a technique known as magnetic blood filtration. The new approach forms the foundation of the company’s device for targeting bacteria and pathogens.

MediSieve’s technology is currently being developed for use in treating blood-borne diseases such as Malaria, many of which can be fatal. Malaria causes six million people to be hospitalised globally each year, 120,000 of whom will die. The filtering device can also be used to treat sepsis or to target abnormal white blood cells caused by leukaemia and improve treatment and therapy options.

Cristina Blanco AndujarCristina Blanco Andujar, Head of Research and Development, has responsibility for all aspects of product development from design to clinical trials and regulatory approval. With support from the SME Leaders Programme, Cristina is motivated to improve her commercial skills and establish a sales-to-market strategy that can adapt and respond to different audiences and markets.

MediSieve has generated significant funding to support product development. As the team grows, Cristina’s goal is to help MediSieve embed a shared vision to help the company thrive.


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