Dr Daniel Elford

Daniel ElfordSonobex Ltd develops engineering solutions to increase capacity for effective noise control in a range of environments. Its high-performance technologies help with tackling high levels of industrial noise pollution and other noises, such as road traffic, which accounts for over 90% of unacceptable noise level in the EU. Urban noise has a significant impact on well-being. Studies by the World Health Organization estimate that over one million healthy life years are lost each year from traffic-related noise in Europe.

Sonobex is an award-winning spin-out from Loughborough University. Its patent-protected acoustic panel technology, called NoiseTrap®, harnesses the capacity of interacting acoustic resonators to efficiently reduce the impact of airborne noise.

Daniel Elford, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, leads a team of acoustic engineers and is responsible for developing Sonobex's technical vision as the company enters a phase of high growth. First awarded an Enterprise Fellowship in 2011, Daniel joined the SME Leaders Programme in 2018 to focus on strategy development as the company establishes licence and distribution agreements to expand into global markets. Training and mentorship through the SME Leaders programme will also provide the real-world experience needed to further support the company’s growth.


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