Dr Daniel Plant

Daniel PlantDaniel is the lead developer of Armourgel®, an energy absorbing ‘smart’ material that stiffens on impact to protect you in a fall, yet is thin and flexible enough to be part of everyday clothing. He has worked in the field of advanced active textiles for over 14 years, including specialisation work in smart textiles for NASA. 

Protective clothing has been around for a long while but is often bulky and cumbersome. For example, the specialised clothing worn by motorcyclists is fundamental to their safety on the roadm but has limited use in other situations.

Daniel's work has led to Armourgel being designed up to four times thinner and more flexible than existing protective clothing options.

This make it suitable for daily life situations, such as protecting the elderly from hip fractures in the event of a fall. With hip fractures accounting for over 20% of orthopaedic hospital beds in Northern Europe alone, the project addresses a growing global market that now costs the NHS over £1.73 billion annually. This is just one instance of how this exciting development will have a positive impact on a broader protective clothing market.

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“For me, the opportunity to work for an extended period with one product and a single focus is very welcome. The highly relevant and focused mentorship, and the prestige of growing my business under the Academy scheme, is too good an opportunity to ignore.”

Dr Daniel Plant

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