Dr Daniel Plant

Dr Dan PlantDaniel is the inventor of RHEON™ and CTO of RHEON LABS.

RHEON is a revolutionary mouldable material that is capable of absorbing high levels of energy in impact, tension and vibration. It uses a property known as strain-rate dependency to allow this material to be flexible in normal wearing, but to stiffen instantaneously and temporarily when subject to an acute energy input. It can be moulded directly onto clothing, incorporated into the fabric as a thread or coating, or laminated onto a material and is both breathable and washable. 

Daniel has worked in the field of energy absorbing systems and their applications for over 15 years, including specialisation work in smart textiles for NASA and sitting on the London 2012 Olympic committee. During his PhD, the fellowship and throughout his work since has built up a significant portfolio of patents which are now being exploited for the sports sector through RHEON LABS Ltd.

The scientists, engineers and designers at RHEON LABS are already engaged with best-in-class brands across a wide spectrum of sports apparel, collaborating with some of the biggest names to integrate RHEON™ into their products to enhance the performance, comfort and protection.

Poised now for rapid growth, Daniel and RHEON LABS are building a team to widen the commercialisation of this exciting technology. Whilst the initial focus is on the sports-apparel sector, there are significant opportunities for applying this potentially life-saving technology in several other sectors such as electronics, healthcare and defence.


  • January 2019: Launched RHEON enhanced helmet with FLY Racing – the best motocross helmet on the market, verified by independent testing
  • November 2018: RHEON LABS team grows to 11 full time staff
  • October 2018: Established RHEON LABS to commercialise Dan’s patent portfolio
  • August 2018: Launched RHEON enhanced helmet with Ruroc – one of the UK’s fastest growing brands disrupting the snowsports helmet sector

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“For me, the opportunity to work for an extended period with one product and a single focus is very welcome. The highly relevant and focused mentorship, and the prestige of growing my business under the Academy scheme, is too good an opportunity to ignore.”

Dr Daniel Plant

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