Dr Daniel Tilley

CyberOwl develops technologies to help industry tackle the rising levels of risk associated with cyber threats. Effective cyber security is a critical concern for large-scale industry, with 24% of the world’s industrial control systems estimated to be under attack, a figure that is said to be rising annually. CyberOwl’s solutions use advanced security analytics to accurately target and identify threats at the extreme data scale to effectively support risk management.

Daniel TilleyDr Daniel Tilley, Principal Analytics Scientist, manages the team that drives the analytical capability behind CyberOwl’s solutions. This includes CyberOwl’s first product, Medulla, an intuitive, risk-prioritisation platform that allows industry leaders to easily identify and respond to the cyber threats facing their most valuable assets. 

As part of CyberOwl’s leadership team, Daniel is developing a corporate strategy for scaling the technology to access the market for cyber security in industrial systems, which has an estimated value of over £13 billion by 2022.

Supported by the SME Leaders Programme, Daniel aims to strengthen his technical expertise, leadership and management skills to build a high-performance team to support the company’s growth.


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