Dr David Hazafy

David HafazyPhotocatalysts work by harvesting energy from ambient light to initiate a useful chemical reaction - such as destroying bacteria or pollutants. 

Antibacterial plastic films, sunburn warning indicators, water purifying bags, rust-removing inks, flexible electronics, self-cleaning paint and fabrics and glass that never fogs up are just some of the innovations that are now possible. 

David’s start-up SunCatalyst Laboratories is developing innovative new products that explore how developments in photocatalysts have created a new generation of smart materials.

SunCatalyst Laboratories utilises David’s expertise in the application of photocatalysts to provide an independent testing service to this growing industry, helping organisations such as Unilever to get their photocatalyst innovations to market. The photocatalyst industry is only 20 years old and already worth over $1 billion annually.


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