Dr Graeme Karney

A patented technology, developed by VOID, is enabling the production of a new generation of high-performance products with significantly reduced levels of plastic. Known as VO+, the technology engineers micro- and nano-scale hollow cavities (voids) into plastics, for products such as flexible packaging, to create products with up to 50% less material. 

Graeme KarneyDr Graeme Karney, Chief Operating Officer, leads the company’s business development activity, manufacturing operations and supply chain. The company is scaling its technology and bringing it into the rapidly growing plastic film market. VO+ offers a substantial positive impact for product sustainability in a world with increasing focus on plastic products. It uses conventional manufacturing equipment to cost-effectively produce plastic products that use less material and are mechanically enhanced. 

As VOID establishes its manufacturing operations and pilot laboratory, Graeme leads in building commercial relationships and embedding efficient operating structures and processes to support rapid growth as VO+ goes to market. 

Supported by the SME Leaders Programme, Graeme aims to strengthen his skills in managing technical operations and development, while also drawing on guidance from a mentor with experience in the materials manufacturing sector.


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