Dr James Carpenter

CEO, SurePulse Medical Limited

Dr James CarpenterTechnologies developed at SurePulse help advance the care of newborns by providing easier access to relevant data. This helps make better clinical decisions in time-critical situations.

Around 10% of babies need some form of stabilisation and resuscitation at birth, equating to around 500,000 babies born in Europe each year. Heart rate is the best indicator of resuscitation success but current methods for heart rate monitoring, such as stethoscopes, can lead to delays and errors. SurePulse Medical’s first product, the SurePulse VS, is a vital sign monitoring system that improves clinicians’ ability to make timely decisions about care pathways. Launched in Europe in 2019, the SurePulse VS is designed for comfort and ease-of-use with sensors embedded in a cap for the baby that provides continuous, accurate vital sign data.

Dr James Carpenter, CEO, has successfully led the company through the early development of the technology and clinical trials. Support from the SME Leaders Programme comes at a pivotal stage as SurePulse transitions from a focus on technology development to one seeking commercial sales and growth.

Dr Carpenter aims to leverage opportunities through the programme to support him with product commercialisation, to help lead a talented, self-driven team and prioritise options that match the needs of a rapidly growing business.

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