Dr James Gough

Dr James Gough is a former military and humanitarian aid doctor who has worked with the British Army and the International Committee of the Red Cross. In 2018, James set up One Shot Immersive to create virtual reality medical and situational awareness training to help save lives. 

James Gough

This new startup launched its first beta product in Yemen in January 2020. Funded by a Danish foundation, its 360° virtual reality (VR) experience is an interactive mass-casualty triage training tool for doctors and healthcare workers. The VR gives them an immersive experience of a traumatic conflict situation, enabling them to recognise injuries that vary in severity. It also shows how to clinically prioritise and treat them.

The vision for One Shot Immersive is to deliver virtual reality that empowers people to save lives. The company intends to become a leader in supplying virtual reality medical training to conflict zones and the world’s most remote and hard-to-access regions.

James says that the SME Leaders programme “gave me the confidence to share ideas and challenge my own, and other people’s assumptions, about them. It also played a key part in my transition from being an employee to starting my own company.”


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