Dr Julia Fan Li

Dr Julia Fan LiDeveloping new medicines takes an average of at least 15 years, costing more than £2 billion from discovery to patient. These efforts are often hindered by not being able to match the right compound to the right disease – 95% of chemical compounds being tested in the lab never make it to patient approval and use.

Micrographia Bio Ltd has built a deep-tech system that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate bio-image analysis. The application of computer-vision machine-learning algorithms enables rapid, scalable development of models and analysis. By combining these algorithms with autonomous microscopy and molecular biology, the total effects of small molecule compounds within human cells can be interrogated.

Dr Julia Fan Li is the Co-Founder and CEO of Micrographia Bio Ltd. Julia is responsible for providing the vision for the company and executing the financing and hiring. She joined the SME Leaders programme in 2021 and hopes the programme will provide her with additional operational knowledge that will help grow the company from seed stage to Series-A funding.

Micrographia Bio’s platform is generating an atlas for modern drug discovery by matching the right compound to the disease it is best suited to cure. Dr Julia Fan Li says “It is Micrographia Bio’s fundamental belief that all diseases deserve a cure.” 


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