Dr Julio Enrique Guerrero

Time is of the essence when providing emergency medical support. Metix Medical has developed Coremed, a light, portable monitoring device that rapidly gathers a patient’s vital medical information, enabling first responders to quickly make decisions about treatment and the right place for care.

julio guerrero large.jpgThe Coremed device constantly monitors a person’s medical data and stores it both locally and in a remote monitoring platform in real time. This information can be exported automatically or on demand for further clinical review or record keeping. Metix Medical's platform can keep track of multiple patients simultaneously, ranking them based on severity with its heavily-automated patient scoring engines. 

The company has raised over £ 4 million in grants and funding since inception, which has enabled it to continue developing its triaging technology. It is now looking to gain market entry in North America and establish market clearance for its products throughout Europe. 

Julio says that the SME Leaders programme has “provided training that helped me to plan the right course of action both for our R&D activities and commercial decision-making. The regular roundtables with other SME Leaders also provide a safe space to discuss a variety of business issues.”


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