Dr. Niall Kent

Bone substitutes are used by dentists when a patient is missing bone or when more is needed for procedures such as implants. 

Niall is a post-doctoral researcher at UCL who worked with Dr Alessia D’Onofrio to produce a new bone graft substitute material called Aerograft. It is a synthetic material both cheaper and more effective than existing bone replacements. 

niall kent hi res lab.JPG

The huge advantage AeroGraft provides as a bone graft substitute material is the ability to control the remodelling rate through changes in composition and density. 

This makes it an extremely novel and advantageous material, which will act as a platform to develop innovative bone grafting solutions in dentistry where clinicians are currently being let down by low levels of osseointegration and poor remodelling rates. 

It enables the development of a small number of product compositions that have tailored remodelling rates that perfectly meet the demands of dental oral surgeons.

Aerograft could facilitate bone integration in nearly 600,000 dental operations worldwide each year. 

Very little innovation has been made in this field over the past five decades, so Aerograft presents a significant and overdue improvement to bone substitutes.


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