Dr Philip Orr

Dr Philip Orr

Philip is the founder of Synaptec Ltd and is pioneering new photonic sensor and interrogator designs for complex modern energy systems like smart grids. 

His technology eliminates the need to duplicate expensive measurement hardware. This is achieved by getting simultaneous measurements of electrical parameters from across the power grid, without bandwidth limitations and with minimal infrastructure.

Synaptec reduces electrical power transmission costs through reducing outages, preventing circuit damage, and minimising civil works. These low-carbon technologies are what will underpin electric power generation and distribution in the future.

He is also working with the industry to improve power system protection capabilities by removing the bottlenecks that often take place with present methods.

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“It’s the combination of marketing, networking and training opportunities that makes the Enterprise Hub such a unique opportunity, and it would simply be impossible for me to focus on beginning to commercialise this technology without its support. The opportunities to access potential investors, mentors, and a community of academic entrepreneurial peers will be invaluable.”

Dr Philip Orr



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