Dr Simon Thomas

Paragraf has developed transformative manufacturing processes to make high-quality, large area graphene, bringing the full capabilities of the material to a range of advanced technologies. The University of Cambridge spin out works in partnership with collaborators to deliver commercially viable products that can benefit society.

Simon ThomasLed by Dr Simon Thomas, CEO, Paragraf has had early success in manufacturing game-changing, graphene-based electronics by developing scalable processes for a range of markets. So far, Paragraf has developed approaches to utilise graphene’s high conductivity and thermal abilities to create ultra-sensitive sensors. Paragraf’s future target markets include using graphene in sustainable energy production, energy storage solutions and electronic devices, such as touchscreens and flexible mobile devices, which make use of graphene’s flexibility and transparency.

With support from the SME Leaders Programme, Simon manages strategy and operations as Paragraf moves from technology transfer to commercial viability. Training through the programme will help Simon in developing partnerships and building strategic business management skills to support the early-stage company in further commercial exploitation as its first products go to market.


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