Fhon Supmak

Fhon SupmakOxford Vision and Sensor Technology (OVST) is a University of Oxford spin-out that specialises in the design and manufacture of 2D and 3D machine-vision systems. These are transforming industrial manufacturing processes by allowing robots to guide and identify objects for automatic operation.

OVST’s Glazer Robot Guidance System is used by automotive manufacturers around the world when inserting glass into their vehicles. The system collates data to improve production processes and productivity from a cloud computing platform. This enables engineers working remotely to access the information and check the quality of every car leaving a site.

Fhon Supmak is the Chief Executive Officer at OVST, responsible for guiding the commercial and technical strategy of the company. Fhon became an SME Leader in 2019, and says: “The training and mentoring empowers me to think beyond my own personal experience. The networking has been helpful for the company vision and has connected me to a wider tech community.”

OVST’s products include 3D vision for robot guidance and inspection, activities that focus mainly on the automotive sector. The company is now expanding into new areas including laser tracking and welding applications. OVST has recently launched a new 3D vision sensor for automotive glazing and robot guidance that is the smallest and lightest on the market. 


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