Jack Greenhalgh

Skin Analytics has developed a new screening technology that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately detect melanoma skin cancer. The company’s machine learning algorithms can identify skin cancer from an image of a skin lesion captured with a specialist lens, helping clinicians to ensure that more cases of melanoma are caught at the earliest stage.

Jack GreenhalghSince 2015, over 15,000 cases of melanoma skin cancer have been diagnosed in the UK. Skin Analytics’ technology can be integrated into mobile, internet-connected tools for rapid screening. This improves patient outcomes by making it faster and easier for people to get referrals for biopsies and other specialist support needed to help them survive the disease.

Jack Greenhalgh, Head of Artificial Intelligence, leads in designing and validating the machine learning algorithms behind the technology. With Skin Analytics core product moving from research and clinical validation into real-world use, Jack also has a role defining the company’s strategy for future research. Supported by the SME Leaders Programme, Jack’s ambition is to build a research team to explore how its technology might support diagnosis of other skin cancers along with skin conditions such as acne and eczema.


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