Jack Greenhalgh

Jack GreenhalghSkin Analytics has developed a new screening technology, DERM AI, that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately detect cancerous and pre-cancerous skin lesions including melanoma, the most dangerous of the common skin cancers. The company’s machine learning algorithms can identify skin cancer from an image of a skin lesion, helping clinicians to ensure that more cases of melanoma are caught at the earliest opportunity.

During consultation a picture is taken of a suspect pigmented lesion using a dermascope and image capture device. DERM AI identifies cancerous, pre-cancerous lesions and noncancerous lesions. Typically, fewer than 10% of dermatological referrals in the UK have significant skin cancer. This device enables GPs to triage more accurately and helps to diagnose problems at the patient’s first port of call.

Jack Greenhalgh is the Artificial Intelligence Director at Skin Analytics. Jack is responsible for designing, validating and implementing all AI and machine learning aspects of the business. He became an SME Leader in 2018 and says that the programme has helped him in several ways. “It provided funding for training that has proved invaluable in terms of learning new leadership and management skills. The mentoring was important too as I was able to discuss all types of business issues in a way that was both objective and confidential.”

In 2020, following successful series A funding, Skin Analytics is expanding its operations in the US after being awarded ‘Breakthrough Device Designation’ by the country’s Food and Drug Administration. The company is also increasing its presence in the UK where it has deployed a live AI-based skin diagnosis service in conjunction with University Hospital Birmingham.


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