Jack Hooper

Jack set out to explore what lay beyond the current generation of wearable sensors. His answer was to create a wristband that would actually interact with our bodies and help us to obtain the optimal state of mind for whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Black doppel on wristHe founded his company doppel to develop a novel wristband to achieve this. The wristband creates a silent rhythmic pulse that you feel on the inside of your wrist as a heartbeat-like vibration. 

As with listening to music, a fast rhythm helps you to feel more alert while a slower rhythm is calming. The technology is inspired by psychophysiology (the study of the relationship between the mind and the body). It is designed to change mood for specific scenarios such as high-pressure environments, high-intensity exercise or rest and recuperation.

During independent, controlled tests by psychologists, the technology was found to dramatically improve focus. The technology has undergone hundreds of user trials and users reported the ability to concentrate for longer periods, remain calm under pressure or maintain motivation during fitness training. 

The wristband offers a radical alternative to traditional energy supplements, meditation and music as a way to achieve deeper focus, greater concentration, or calm under pressure.

doppel exceeded its £100,000 Kickstarter target and is currently focussed on delivering the devices. It is targeting a £6 billion wearable technology market - and that's just in the USA.

Jack's company is now set to undergo a major trial with Disney to improve children’s sleep. There are future applications for mood alteration including among those suffering from ADHD, anxiety or depression.

You can view the doppel YouTube channel here with several videos on this wonderful product

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"I am astonished to find that I really do start to feel more alert and focused."

Rosalyn Wikeley, Daily Mail



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