James Roberts

MOM incubator machineOver one million children born prematurely die each year, of which an estimated 75% could be saved with incubation treatment. 

The high cost of traditional incubators and difficulty with maintaining and transporting them means that many of the world’s poorest, more isolated or rural communities do not have access to the technology.

James is a product design and technology graduate from Loughborough University who has invented a revolutionary inflatable incubator called MOM to provide a solution to this terrible situation.

MOM is a tiny incubator  that could cost as little as 1/30th of the price of traditional incubators, making it much more affordable for use in the developing world. It can be quickly flat-packed down for easy storage in air ambulances and mobile clinics, and powered for 24 hours from a car battery.  Small, mobile and affordable means that more incubators can be there when needed to save far more babies.

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