Jordan McRae

Founder and CEO, Mobilus Labs Ltd

Jordan McRae

A near-death experience diving off the coast of Mozambique focused Jordan McRae on inventing technology that would enable audio communications between divers underwater. Jordan, an MIT and Stanford  engineering graduate, has developed a hands-free, ear-free device that can be used by users out of water too. 

Mobilus Labs, the company he founded, has created two-way bone conduction technology that is proving very useful for workers in the construction industry and other sectors where extreme noisy environments can interfere with personal communications.

Mobilus’s first product, the mobiWAN, has a clip-on design that allows it to fit on the back of most industry safety helmets. The technology picks up the user’s voice from vibrations transmitted through their face and skull when they speak without capturing any background noise. The microphones also act as speakers, enabling audio to be transmitted and then received by the user’s inner ear.

Jordan is the Founder and CEO of Mobilus Labs. He became an SME Leader in 2019 and says that the programme has proved useful to the company by providing access to mentors, experts and investors. He says: “It has also furthered my own professional growth by enabling me to take an INSEAD executive leadership course.”

Now Mobilus is looking to deliver the next generation of its voice platforms to market. The company is expanding its team and raising Series A funding of equity investment as well as actively demonstrating its product market fit in construction, energy and manufacturing fields.  

Visit Mobilus Lab's website here.


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