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The likelihood of patient recovery decreases with delayed ophthalmic disease detection.

Aston Vision ScienceSolution:

Aston Vision Science’s unique, patent pending illumination system allows for low cost, all-in-one ocular diagnostics that provide fast results. Because the system is portable, it can reach patients that are currently left behind, including everyone from older people in the UK with mobility issues through to remote communities is developing nations. Aston Vision Science will have its first commercial unit assembled and ready to demonstrate in mid-2021.

Due to the low cost, high accuracy and portable nature of its instrument, it will be valuable around the world. The largest ophthalmic instrument markets were North America ($831.8 million) and Europe ($526.7 million), however a fast growing market is emerging in the Asia-Pacific region ($482.8 million).

In 2016, China had the highest global rate of dry eye syndrome with 200 million cases and in some studies, up to 21% of adults suffering. In China, 80% of its blind population lives in rural areas, yet 75% of their 28,000 eye doctors work in cities. Patients must travel far before they are able to get the care they need, with similar patterns repeated around the world. Aston Vision Science's goal is to provide quality eye care, everywhere.


April 2018 - Patent application filed

May 2018 - Icure Placement

July 2018 - Aston Vision Sciences incorporated

June 2019 - MICRA funding awarded

July 2019 - Innovate UK Smart awarded

Jan 2020 - Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship Awardee

2020 - Seed funding

July 2020 - Innovate UK COVID-19 Continuity Grant awarded

August 2020 -  three full-time and two part-time employees

“The programme has been great in helping me transition from an engineer into an entrepreneur. I have gained much insight into the detailed workings of successful early stage companies and learned many details to help to ensure the company is setup correctly and is attractive to investors.”


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