Mathew Holloway

Cold, uncomfortable draughts prevent many from enjoying warmer, drier homes especially during winter months. Underfloor insulation is an effective solution, but applying it can be a challenge. However, engineers at Q-Bot have developed a novel way to do this, creating a more efficient method to keep older homes warm.

Q-Bot blends expert knowledge in energy-efficient buildings with robotics and artificial intelligence. The company’s world-leading technology is a small robot that can easily access the space between floorboards and building foundations. Once there, it can be operated remotely to apply layers of insulating material, to make draughty, older homes more airtight and energy efficient. In other words, they become cosier, warmer and its cheaper to keep them that way.  

The technology has been continually developed with input from consumers, leading to a product that is both ready for market and more efficient. Q-Bot insulation can reduce heat loss through suspended timber floors by up to 90%. Supported by the SME Leaders Programme, Mathew Holloway, CEO, is now scaling up the company and rolling the service out with social landlords across the UK.

Q-Bot is also looking at how its expertise can benefit other areas of the construction industry, and Mathew’s vision is to strategically position the company as a leader in smart tools for the construction industry that empower workers and make them more productive.


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