Melissa Berthelot

Melissa BerthelotProblem:

If disease evolution could be predicted, treatment cycles could be altered to improve care for patients.


WarnerPatch is a medical device that predicts disease evolution to enable clinicians to give preventive care. Particularly focusing on peripheral vascular diseases (PVD), which includes diabetic foot and wound care, WarnerPatch reduces the treatment cycle by improving patient management for healthcare providers.

WarnerPatch comes as a non-invasive, wearable wireless (using 2G network) sensor that continuously measures disease symptoms. Using AI, prediction on future disease evolution is given, with notifications if symptoms get worse. Clinicians can access the results in real-time and be notified when a patient becomes high risk.

WarnerPatch aims to help clinicians augment their understanding of disease progression, to improve patient outlook and outcomes, and reduce related care cost.

In the UK, there are about 5,000 unnecessary amputations carried out annually on PVD patients due to poor patient management and long treatment cycles. 50% of these patients die within two years. It costs the NHS £1.4 billion a year to treat PVD patients and indirectly, a further £1 million per amputee. WarnerPatch aims to reduce these numbers to zero.


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