Mohammed Belal

Accurate gas sensing enables better environmental monitoring and can be used in advanced process analysis in industrial settings. This allows companies to optimise processes and drives environmental efficiency in industries including oil and gas, petrochemical and environmental science.

MIRICO has developed a new laser sensing technology for real-time gas sensing. Its high-performance solutions accurately measure a range of gases, providing tools to better quantify emissions, enhance processes and improve safety across facilities through reliable detection of harmful molecules.

MIRICO’s platform can remotely detect, localise and quantify emissions of gases such as methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide that causes more than $2 billion in lost revenue due to product loss from accidental emissions.

Its technology offers advantages over current methods, many of which rely on large, fragile instruments that are costly to maintain. MIRICO’s solutions can be fitted in situ or used remotely and perform well in challenging environments such as fog and snow.

Mohammed BelalWith MIRICO gaining traction, Mohammed Belal, Co-Founder, has a central role in leading business development. Supported by the SME Leaders Programme, Mohammed aims to develop skills for leading a strong sales team, negotiating new business partnerships and mapping the market for new products to help MIRICO’s growth.


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