Naomi McGregor

Naomi McGregorThe Problem:

Aged 14, Naomi sustained an injury through ballet that took over three years and eight specialists to finally diagnose correctly. At this time, she was told she would never be able to dance again. Sadly, this is not a unique story, as athletes across the world continue to suffer life-altering injuries that could be dealt with in a more efficient manner or prevented entirely. 

The Solution:

With rugby players suffering from 13 injuries per 1,000 hours played and having an average professional career span of only 8.5 years, injuries have major cost associations in elite sports. In 2019 alone, rugby injury recovery cost £62 million. Naomi established her company Movetru with an aim of eradicating preventable injury through wearable technology, with the vision of all information created being easily understood by any non-medical professionals.

Initial product launch will focus on the sports industry, a market that is worth £447 billion globally. Specifically, Movetru seeks to penetrate the sports medicine market, which is expected to be worth £11 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 8.2%. Sports clubs and teams display the highest product need as they lose enormous amounts of money each season through injury-related decrement in performance. This makes it the perfect industry for Movetru’s debut market entry. The average injury related loss per team per year is £45 million for Premier League teams and £305.4 million for Major League Baseball teams. A major market opportunity is available for a solution to counteract this high-expense issue.

Over the course of the fellowship Naomi intends to begin industry-based trials, finalise the Movetru app, restructure aspects of the business, and gain an understanding of raising funds with the ambition to open a seed round later this year. 


  • September 2019: Submitted concept as master’s dissertation project
  • July 2020: Won Queen’s University Belfast’s Dragon’s Den
  • July 2020: Graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with First Class master’s in product design engineering
  • July 2020: Movetru won Institution of Mechanical Engineers Best Project Award
  • July 2020: Received first grant funding from Techstart NI (£10,000)
  • October 2020: Won Catalyst NI Invent Enterprise Software Award
  • March 2021: Received Future Screens NI and additional Techstart NI grant (£55,000) and won Catalyst NI Co-Founders Programme (£10,000)
  • July 2021: Received Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship



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