Peter Schrammel

Diffblue is disrupting traditional computer programming by automating everyday tasks such as bug fixing, test-writing and translation across computer languages.

Diffblue is a University of Oxford spin-out that combines artificial intelligence with software analysis to make coding safer, more efficient and more cost-effective. Its core technology builds on over 15 years of research and uses automated reasoning techniques to easily understand existing code. This information can be used by the software to write tests, identify and repair bugs or automatically recognise and rewrite code that is poorly expressed or out of date, a process known as refactoring.

Peter SchrammelWith increasing sales of its core product, Peter Schrammel, Chief Technical Officer, has a key role in coordinating technology development to support sustainable growth at Diffblue. He has a keen focus on working across teams such as product engineering, marketing and sales to avoid knowledge gaps between services.

Through the SME Leaders Programme, Peter aims to extend his leadership skills beyond engineering management and strengthen skills in effective communication and engagement to improve decision-making across both technical and non-technical challenges as the company grows in scale.


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