Dr Phillipa Smith

Phillipa SmithDuvas Technologies has developed the DV3000, air quality monitoring technology that can analyse  urban pollution by measuring the concentration of gas types to within parts-per-billion concentration. Using ultraviolet spectroscopy it can detect and monitor 14 hazardous gases simultaneously. Using patented technology, the DV3000 unit produces real-time atmospheric measurements of toxic gases including benzene, toluene, ammonia and formaldehyde.

Duvas works with environmental protection agencies around the world to monitor air pollution. The DV3000 is able to measure levels of urban pollution and track longer-term changes and trends.

Dr Phillipa Smith is the CTO at Duvas Technologies, leading the science team and overseeing its technical and manufacturing operations. Phillipa has been an SME Leader since 2018 and credits the programme with boosting her managerial abilities. She says: “The workshops, coaching and mentoring aspects have improved my confidence in my capabilities and provided additional tools to maximise my input to the business. The networking side of the business has provided a large range of peers from a variety of backgrounds and careers. I also chair the SME leaders general roundtable to facilitate peer support and discussion across different cohorts.”

Duvas Technologies has recently secured additional funding that will enable it to expand its sales reach and research and development. The company’s sensing and monitoring systems for air quality will be useful for the oil and gas sector and could have a legislative role to play in tracking air pollution worldwide.


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