Professor Rhodri Williams

Rhodri has developed a new test to detect and analyse blood clotting abnormalities that have a high risk of death but are difficult to identify using conventional tests.

His test is the only one currently available that is capable of detecting abnormal clot formation in patients who have suffered a recurrence of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) while on warfarin therapy, which is commonly used to prevent DVT, and who appear adequately anticoagulated (prevented from clotting) according to standard International Normalised Ratio (INR) test results.

Rhodri is a professor at Swansea University and a co-founder of Haemometrics Ltd. with a clinical colleague. He formed the company to exploit the new test’s potential by developing a user-friendly form of the technology and making it commercially available.

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“The Enterprise Hub provides the ideal forum for initiating business meetings, making the right commercial contacts, and raising awareness of the new business offering. This can be particularly challenging for an academic promoting a spin-out whilst working mainly within a university environment.”

Professor Rhodri Williams



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