Rebecca Donaldson

The problem:Rebecca Donaldson

Across the world, 30% of people don’t have access to safe drinking water. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of people with access to improved water services, but not safely managed, currently stands at around 1.4 billion. Many families in developing countries now have access to ‘basic water services’ but can’t drink the water. Although the water is clear, it still contains pathogens, meaning people become ill and therefore still need to boil or buy bottled water.

The solution:

Blue Tap has designed a simple Chlorine Doser that has no moving parts. It inserts the correct amount of chlorine into a piped water system to make it safe to drink in accordance with WHO guidelines. An innovative hydraulic control system makes the Chlorine Doser function with a wide range of water pressures without a complex and time-consuming calibration process. The simple design makes it easy and cost-effective to produce, install and maintain. 

Blue Tap end users are people who have access to piped water that is not safe to drink. They reach them through small water service providers, which include small utilities, community water networks, private boreholes and water kiosks.

Blue Tap will shortly reach its first key milestone, which is the first drinking water pilot to be installed in Kenya. The trial will last for one year and will assess user experience, longevity and community attitudes to chlorine.


Other funders include Innovate UK and prizes include:

  • MIT Water Innovation Prize
  • Global Social Venture Competition European winner
  • McKinsey Venture Academy winner
  • RELX Environmental Challenge runner-up
  • CISCO Global Problem Solver EMEAR runner-up 


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