Reka Tron

Reka TronThe problem:

In an exponentially growing population, demand for a continuous, reliable supply of meat can be expected to steadily grow. The livestock agriculture industry already fails to keep up with demand, single-handedly using 70% of our agricultural land, 27% of our fresh water and producing 15% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. This is more than the entire transport sector combined.

Such an industry is clearly not sustainable, yet the demand for meat never lessens. There is a clear lack of high-performing, food-grade, animal-free growth media (which supports the growth of cells or microrganisms) for affordable cultivated meat production.

The solution:

Multus is supplying environmentally sustainable and ethically sourced growth media to the cultivated meat industry. Its products are low cost, so customers and their consumers can enjoy truly socially responsible products at an accessible price.

Using optimised ingredients, Multus produces next-generation growth media critical for growing meat. Through close collaboration with customers and cultivated meat companies, the team develops products to meet the cultivated meat industry’s specific needs. Its first product – Proliferum M – will be commercialised by the end of 2021.


  • Female Founder Award 2019 (Supported by Women in Cleantech and Sustainability) at Climate Launchpad competition
  • Won the McKinsey Venture Academy 2020 – (£10,000 plus one year of mentoring from McKinsey and Company)
  • Invited to the IndieBio Accelerator in 2020  – first and biggest life science accelerator in the world
  • Won an Innovate UK Sustainability Innovation Fund grant (~£110,000)


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