Hsin Hua (Sheana) Yu

The problem

There are 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK and children are the fastest-growing user group. For many wheelchair users, comfort and independent use is restricted because of poor postural support.  

Poor posture impacts a child’s ability to breathe, swallow and communicate, affecting physical health and deterring them from socially engaging with the world comfortably and independently. There are over 70,000 young wheelchair users in the UK and parents with a disabled child spend an average of £200 million annually on specialist equipment.

The solution

Aergo has developed responsive, postural support seating for young wheelchair users. It uses pressure-sensitive inflatable supports that react to a user’s position to reinforce posture.

Sheana YuAergo’s cost-effective solution works by inflating or deflating separate cells to achieve a natural and responsive form of support. Controlled either by the user or automatically, the technology increases independence by reducing the need for manual repositioning.

Current solutions are bulky and expensive. Some use straps and wedges to fix users into a single position, which restrict movement. This can lead to poor blood circulation and an increased likelihood of developing pressure ulcers. For children with cerebral palsy, scoliosis and paraplegia, Aergo posture support is adaptable for use in a variety of chairs and buggies, and expands in width for longer-term use.

Working with a special educational needs school inspired Sheana Yu, Founder and CEO, to find better ways to support children to interact with their environment. This led to the development of the seating technology, Sheana now leads the startup in finalising designs to comply with safety standards. The aim is to launch Aergo seating to market by 2020.


  • 2015: Raised seed investment from UK Angels.
  • 2016: Collaboration with Alder Hey Children’s hospital for testing and clinical feedback.
  • 2018: Collaboration with Xcellent Manufacturing Co. for production set-up.
  • 2018: Received an AXA Women Entrepreneur in Healthtech Award and featured in the Nesta Inventor Prize Top 10.
  • 2019:  Received a Women in Innovation Award from Innovate UK. 

Sheana Yu was awarded the 2018 Enterprise Fellowship to continue developing this technology and her startup Aergo.


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