Shefali Sharma, Space Girl

Shefali Sharma, also known as Space Girl, is a postgraduate of Cranfield University's space engineering and astronautics programme. Running a pioneering YouTube channel under her pseudonym, Shefali works at Oxford Space Systems, an early-stage space technology business set to solve some of the toughest engineering challenges in the space industry. 

Oxford Space Systems' innovative structures, such as its novel large deployable antennas (LDAs), use both conventional and new materials. The LDAs offer significant savings in the build and launch costs of satellites and are lighter, less complex and can be stowed more efficiently than those currently in commercial demand. The development of a flight-worthy LDA is currently viewed as "strategically important" by the European Space Agency.

Although still in its early design stages, Oxford Space Systems is generating significant interest from satellite builders and operators globally and has gained investment from venture capital firms and various private investors.

Oxford Space Systems has the ambitious vision of establishing its position as the centre of excellence, making the UK the go-to supplier for large deployable antenna technology.

Shefali is one of the ten winners of our 2016 SME Leaders Programme.


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