Tom Simpson

Tom SimpsonThe problem:

Most bicycle technology has progressed beyond recognition over the last century, but the humble chain has remained essentially unchanged. The chain, in its current form, is no longer the optimal tool for bicycle power transmission.

The solution:

Ratio has developed an entirely new drivetrain, borrowing inspiration from industrial power transmissions. The new drivetrain is ergonomic, efficient and simple to manufacture.

Over the next 12 months Ratio will work with selected manufacturing partners to take the first drivetrains to market, before reinvesting profits into the development of a fully self-contained Ratio ‘groupset’ to target OEM sales.

The bicycle component is worth an estimated $4 billon and it’s no coincidence that the two dominant brands, Shimano and SRAM (at over 70% of the market), are drivetrain manufacturers. The chain is one of the few components that is compatible across the breadth of cycling’s numerous disciplines. The route to growth as a component manufacturer is to produce drivetrains, with Ratio’s drivetrain offering truly unique competitive advantages.


  • Ratio has close ties with UK component manufacturer Hope Technology for prototyping and manufacture.
  • Design for manufacture prototyping has also commenced with an established German company.


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