Tomide Adesanmi

Tomide AdesanmiIt has been estimated that over a billion hours a year are spent designing electronic circuit boards at a cost of nearly £40 billion. Designing a circuit board requires checking the data sheets for hundreds of parts, connecting them logically, and then configuring them into a 3D pattern before manufacture. Circuit Mind has developed intelligence software that automates the designs of circuit boards. The company’s platform, ACE, can generate in seconds the design for a circuit board that would usually take days to create.

Tomide Adesanmi is Co-Founder and CEO of Circuit Mind. Tomide spent four years at BAE Systems as an electronics systems engineer and helped establish Circuit Mind in 2018. He is looking forward to becoming an SME Leader and growing the company. He says: “The SME Leaders programme will give us the opportunity to meet visionary electronic engineering Fellows who will be able to give technical advice and industry support. I’ll also use the time with a mentor who understands deep technology businesses to learn how they have navigated the market.”

In the coming year, Tomide anticipates that Circuit Mind’s platform will be deployed to engineering companies worldwide. The company has already raised over £1 million in funding and will be using this to scale rapidly within selected markets.


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