Zhixuan Wang

The Problem:

Many common commercial adhesives are neither biodegradable nor recyclable, making products they are used in difficult to responsibly dispose of at end of life. Even compostable and biodegradable packaging items often need separating from their labels before they can be recycled for this very reason.

Algreen intends to tackle this problem by bringing its fully bio-based adhesive to market.

The Solution:Zhixuan Wang

Algreen adhesive achieves 70% carbon reduction over conventional adhesives by using full biological-based raw materials and an organic, solvent-free manufacturing process. Zhixuan’s solution facilitates the complete recycling of biodegradable packaging, without the need to separate labels. Not only this, but the adhesive has been proven strong enough to be used in the textiles and fashion industries. Algreen adhesive can be used to safely secure buttons, build clothes hangers and secure chipboard, allowing it to be used in the fashion and furnishing industries in the manufacture of fully recyclable clothing and furniture.

Algreen adhesive is currently applicable in total markets worth £102 billion, including the sustainable packaging, low-cost furniture and sustainable fashion sectors. Of this market, realistically £15 billion is accessible and the target market is £900 million. This target market presently consists of designer brands with an interest in sustainability, who market research indicates are ready to pioneer Algreen’s novel material.

Over the coming six months, Zhixuan aims to secure two to three pilot contracts, file IP and seek industrial application certification. Following this, she aims to raise a seed round of around £500,000, which will be used to develop an overseas production line. Zhixuan has ambitions to then have Algreen adhesive certified for use in surgical applications.


  • Algreen has secured two Innovate UK grants
  • Received a National Geographic early-stage research grant
  • Attended The Greenhouse accelerator

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