Dr David Parker FREng

Dr David Parker FREng has a significant track record of helping to create and run successful technology companies.

He has extensive experience in building companies from early stage through to private and public exits, along with a long career in senior management in technology corporates.

David ParkerNotable companies include HP, Agilent Technologies, Marconi, SPI and TRUMPF. He is currently a board member at several technology companies including Perpetuum where he serves as the Chairman, and he is the Managing Director of OPS Innovations. David is also Chairman of Lumenisity Ltd, has served as a Venture Partner at Touchstone Innovations (IP Group) and as the Chair of Concirus and Inflowmatics. His technical expertise is in optics, semiconductors and IIoT.

He has practical experience of standards organisations and their interactions with product roadmaps, corporate governance, risk management, environmental compliance and intellectual property.


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