Gareth Griffiths

Gareth is a strategic growth marketing specialist with over eighteen years’ experience of analysis, marketing and sales. He specialise in identifying and implementing growth potential for businesses across a multitude of industries, technologies and geographies. Gareth is a cohort head with a special focus on growth acceleration sprints, working with corporate partners to accelerate e-commerce in Telco and Aviation.

Gareth GriffithsHe has worked as VP Marketing, at Property Partner, a UK Fintech property investment platform and marketplace allowing investors to buy and trade shares in residential, commercial and student property. He was Chief Marketing Officer at ASAP54, a new fashion e-commerce technology search tool using a combination of image recognition, text search and community engagement on iOS, Android and desktop.

He is interested in proving market viability, defining and executing go-to-market strategies and commercialisation methods for cross-industry ventures. Gareth has experience of setting up growth for more than 30 businesses in the last four years and 65 venture propositions. His capabilities include competitive market intelligence, data-driven marketing experiments, personalisation, analytics, and creating martech stacks across traditional and digital channels.


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