Matthew Sinclair

Matthew SinclairMatthew is a technology specialist with more than 26 years of experience in software engineering, consulting, product development, and startups. Matthew joined the London office of BCG Digital Ventures (DV) in January 2016.

As Partner and Vice President, Engineering, Matthew oversees technology and engineering across all ventures at DV London. As the current speaker for DV's engineering executive committee, Matthew also takes an active role in coordinating the engineering cohort across DV's centres around the world.

Over the last five years, Matthew has been involved in a wide variety of ventures, starting as the CTO of Coup in 2016. He has moved on to director, advisory, and other senior leadership roles across diverse sectors including industrial goods, finance and insurance tech, mobility, resources, e-commerce, and private equity. During his time at DV, Matthew has been involved in the ideation, incubation, and launch of more than 20 internal or publicly launched client ventures.

Before joining DV, Matthew delivered highly complex technology systems in the telecommunications, financial services and payments sectors. Working with startups, product teams, and consulting organisations from Australia, Asia, and Europe, Matthew has helped to build everything from network analysers and flight simulators, through to high-performance mission-critical EFT payment transaction switches, online and mobile banking, and shared mobility platforms.

Matthew blogs on Medium and is always happy to chat about anything to do with technology and the future.


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