Naeem Alvi

Naeem Alvi is an award-winning brand strategist and the founder of Notepad. After years of helping fast-growth SMEs and big brands such as Nike, Adidas and RBS Natwest to better leverage their brand, Naeem founded Notepad to connect big brand experience with ambitious tech companies that want to define and scale up their brands effectively and affordably.

 Recent achievements include:Naeem Alvi

  • Helping a smart tech product company to grow from zero to £20,000 in monthly sales (and growing) within four months of trading.
  • Repositioning and rebranding a global machine parts supplier to boost its growth from £10 million to £41 million within two years.
  • Rebranding a smart food tech company, leading to them tripling their headcount and turnover (while remaining profitable) in just six months, and successfully being acquired by Samsung.


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